It was a very dynamic time you all put on yesterday.  I was very impressed by the organisation and the wonderful volunteers you have. I learnt a lot from from you all.  What a worthwhile afternoon, both for me and everyone there.  You made me feel so welcome.Quote from a visitor

The first half hour…

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The start of a session always begins with a chance to chat to friends old and new over a plentiful supply of tea and cake.

The volunteers, who all wear blue polo shirts bearing the Café logo, circulate to ensure that everyone feels relaxed.

The remainder of the time…

tavistock memory cafe, memory cafe devon, dementia devon

From 2.30 pm unless there is a special event, the carers have their own peer support session in a separate room. These sessions are led by a member of the group, our Carer Ambassador, or an experienced volunteer from the team, and allows the carers to share their concerns and exchange useful experiences - always in the strictest confidence.
On a regular basis, professionals will come and talk with the carers and give advice on various aspects of dementia support.

Meanwhile those who are living with dementia can take part in a variety of activities supported by our Memory Café Volunteers – All the activities are designed to be stimulating and above all fun.
Two or three times a year, everyone goes out together for an excursion, using minibuses from Tavistock Area Support Services.

tavistock memory cafe, memory cafe devon, dementia devon

New video library

We have a new and extensive health information video library to browse through.

Useful tips and information on a variety of topics, which can be looked at in your own time…